Skippy! The Wonder Horse

The one and only Wonder Horse. Accept no imitations or substitutions, this is the real deal. If you don't believe it... who has the rights to the domain name? Thats right. I went there. This is my website, and with the help of my trusty two legged translator, my place to gripe about what irks me in what you people call "The Horse World".


 Skippy! The Wonder Horse

So... you never heard of a Wonder Horse before? Shame. I was born of humble beginnings. My Mother and Father both registered Paint Horses. My father a Tobiano, my mother a Tovero.. and Me? Sorrel. Thanks Dad. Thanks alot. Not only that, but I am way too big for my own body to support and it has nothing to do with my weight and everything to do with my tiny teacup feet. Got to love genetics. Thanks again Mom and Dad.

I was trained to carry a rider when i was 3 1/2. My friends felt thats when I was ready. I had a great time and learned how to take advantage of them in a few ways. Ask anyone around, I have them perfectly trained to my liking. After a few years my back and shoulder started to hurt pretty bad every morning. Especially on the cooler days. The word arthritis had been thrown around. Then, my feet REALLY hurt.. so some guy came out and after i stood there for like 2 hours my feet felt a little better. They still hurt, but whatever he put on them really helped relieve some of the pressure.

Then it all went south, AGAIN. Suddenly my feet just really really hurt. My shoulders and back really really hurt again. I was on 4 pills of Bute a day and I still hurt so damn bad. I just lost it. No matter what these people did for me my body kept falling apart. At the time, I was only 9 years old. They said that they would try some sort of "Steriod" injection in my leg and if that didnt work.. well.. they didn't say what they would do after that, but my male caretaker looked pretty troubled. Little did I know that when I was taken to the doctors office, my caretaker was prepared to only come home with my halter. Long story short... I am 12 years old and a walking miracle because of it.

Since all you horse people and riders seem to be so vocal and openly opinionated I figure.. Hey.. I am a horse, and horses are what make people think that suddenly their opinion matters... So does that mean that my opinion matters by default? Lets hope so!

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