FAQ for Skippy!'s Equine Wonder Noodle 

Here are some of your frequently asked questions about our popular selling training device. We value our customers, because they give us money... so that means their questions matter! Each question has been answered by Skippy!, The Wonder Horse himself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why does it come in Green? Will my horse respond better to that color?

  •  Yes, our extensive studies show that Green works better. If this doesn't work for you, be sure to buy our DVD "My Horse Is Color Blind" for $99.99 USD plus Shipping, Handling, and Processing fees.

Question: If ingested, will it cure colic?

  • Our special DVD "My Horse Can't Poop" ($99.99 USD plus Shipping, Handling, and Processing fees) will demonstrate how the Equine Wonder Noodle can effectively "energize" the intestinal tract. Some of the Worlds leading Veterinarians claim that the Wonder Noodle, when fed daily, is comperable to Psyllium for its intestinal cleansing abilities.

Question: Is it Y3K compatable?

  • Our Special Edition "Equine Wonder Noodle 3000" ($499.95 USD plus Shipping, Handling, and Processing fees) is designed especially for this. So it can be passed down for generations so your great grand children will be able to train horses. We recommend you buy new ones every 5 to 10 years to ensure they still work properly. You can always send them to a Certified Equine Wonder Noodle Repair Center (Call for Pricing) to make sure it stays tuned properly to the Equine wavelength.

Question: I'm Left Handed. Can I still use the Equine Wonder Noodle?

  • Yes, for a nominal fee of $119.99 USD plus Shipping, Handling, and Processing you can purchase the "Equine Wonder Noodling for the Left Handed" instructional DVD. You may have to have your Equine Wonder Noodle re-calibrated, so stop by your nearest Certified Equine Wonder Noodle Repair Center. We also sell a DVD entitled "Your Local Certified Equine Wonder Noodle Repair Centers" ($19.99 USD plus Shipping, Handling, and Processing) which includes the locations of all the Certified Wonder Noodle Repair Centers in North America. You will need to purchase a new one every year with updated centers and contact information.

Question: Does it Act as a Fly Repellent?

  • Yes! Our Instructional DVD "The Gnats Ass" ($99.95 USD plus Shipping, Handling, and Processing) will show you tips on how you can unlock your Equine Wonder Noodles Bug Repelling Potential!

Question: If I Leave it in my Horse's Stall, will it stop him from Cribbing?

  • If you buy our Equine Wonder Noodle, your horse will never crib again! If your horse still cribs even after your Equine Wonder Noodle arrives, that means you aren't using it right. Please purchase our entire collection of Equine Wonder Noodle DVDs (Send us a Blank Check) if for whatever reason your horse STILL cribs, please take your Equine Wonder Noodle to the nearest Certified Equine Wonder Noodle Repair Center to get the Equine Wonder Noodle re-calibrated.

Question: Can I use the Equine Wonder Noodle at my business to clip to the Restroom Key so no one unknowingly walks out of the store with the key?

  • Yes. We also offer special training seminars for senior management. Please attend our three day management retreat: "Noodling for Success"  for $1,999.99 USD (Not including food or lodging) will unlock the Horse Noodle's career changing potential (and bathroom doors too!).

Question: Do you personally teach these Seminars?

  • No. But at one point in time I have been in the same room with the Equine Wonder Noodle Consultants who will be teaching the seminar. I have been assured that they are knowledgeable about my product and its many uses.

Question: Can you install flashing LEDs for Night Time Training?

  • No. If we thought Flashing LEDs were appropriate we would have added them, you Idiot.

Question: Is it parelli** approved?

  • Technically, yes, but since parelli methods have not yet been approved by our Equine Wonder Noodle Quality committee, it really doesn't matter.  Please buy our DVD "Preparing for the Noodle Quality Assurance Approval Examination", ($999.99 USD plus Shipping, Handling, and Processing).

Question: If I clip it to my horse's tail and turn him out with other Problem Horses, will it desensitize them too?

  • Yes, provided that your horse is also Equine Wonder Noodle Certified. Please have your horse attend our three day seminar "Noodling for Success" ($1,999.99 USD price does not include food or lodging). For best results, purchase an Equine Wonder Noodle (87.99 USD plus Shipping, Handling, and Processing) for each of the other horses in the Pasture and have them attend the seminar as well.


Have any more questions? Please e-mail me at skippy@thewonderhorse.com and pay a nominal processing fee of $5.00 USD and we will answer your e-mail at our earliest convenience!

Thank you for your continuing support of Equine Wonder Noodle Enterprises LLC!

Skippy! The Wonder Horse


** This question has been altered to take the capitalization out of the letter p.